Capture The Opportunity

Rebuild North Carolina’s economy and protect our access to drinking water.

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Give It Away

Turn it over to Alcoa for another 50 years in exchange for empty promises.

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Detailed view of the Yadkin River

The Opportunity

We have the opportunity to rebuild North Carolina’s economy, clean up the environment and protect our access to drinking water for generations.

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The Situation

Yadkin River dams create more than $40 million a year in clean energy that could be used to revive our economy and attract valuable jobs.

The law says it belongs to us - the people. But Alcoa wants to lay new claim to it for the next 50 years. The battle is on to use this energy to attract new businesses and jobs.

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Alcoa Watch

In the last three years,  Alcoa Inc. has spent more than $3,000,000 on federal lobbying. (

US Dept. of Justice investigates accusations of Alcoa racketeering. Learn more.

The EPA charged and fined Alcoa with Clean Air Act violations at its Warrick, Indiana plant in 1998. Learn More.

As of March 2012, Stanly County, NC has been forced to spend $775,000 (taxpayer’s money) to comply with an Alcoa public records suit. Learn more.

In February 2009, the NC DHHS issued a fish consumption advisory for Badin lake based on the presence of PCBs in fish.

For years Alcoa’s Rockdale, Texas plant was the US No. 1 source of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Learn more.

In a major Clean Air Act settlement, Alcoa, Inc. has to spend an estimated $330,000,000 on it’s Rockdale, Texas facility. Learn More.

NC government issued two Notices of Violation to Alcoa on February 22 & May 20, 2010 for cyanide violations at Badin Lake.

Since 1987 more than 47 Alcoa facilities have been cited for pollution violations by state and federal regulators. Learn more.

In the fall of 2011 the Yadkin Riverkeeper released new PCB testing data positively linking Alcoa to PCB contamination. Learn more.

Alcoa continues to impoverish communities by leaving a toxic legacy of wide scale environmental degradation. Learn more.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

President, Waterkeeper Alliance

“To me, this (Alcoa) is a criminal enterprise. These people are breaking the law every day and getting away with it. What polluters do is they make themselves rich by making everybody else poor. They raise standards of living for themselves by lowering quality of life for everybody else.”


Robert F. Kennedy Jr., President, Waterkeeper Alliance |
Nancy Gottovi

Nancy Gottovi

Executive Director, Central Park N.C.

Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich


Dr. David Jones

Dr. David Jones

Director, North Carolina Zoo

Robert F. Orr

Robert F. Orr

Former State Supreme Court Justice

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